• Faster speeds for office documents (13 ppm in black & white) & for photos (32 sec for a 10×15)
  • Good print quality for photos, office docs
  • Lower energy consumption level: 17.5 W (printing), 1.6 W (on standby)
  • Excellent photo print quality with invisible drops
  • Wi-fi plus double-sided printing


  • No fax & touch screen
  • Greater costs per page than on 4 cartridge models
  • Not really convincing Creative Park software & Full HD Movie
  • No Linux drivers

Continue reading to know more about the PIXMA MG6150 Inkjet Photo Printer from Canon in the upcoming review.

The Canon PIXMA MG6150 Inkjet Photo Printer is the higher end Canon 2011 general consumer printer model. The control buttons that earlier decked the MP640 have been fully replaced by touch sensitive backlit buttons. The next major difference is that the printer employs a total of six different cartridges. Besides, the 4 standard cartridges (black, magenta, cyan, yellow), you will also come across a second black photo cartridge that can provide you the black in truly black images and there is also a grey cartridge that will perfect the greys in, for instance black and white photos. The pricing too is more accessible as the printer is sold at less than £150 and comprises most of the features that you will find on the MP990 rolled out at a price of £250 at the end of the year 2009.

Canon PIXMA MG6150 Inkjet Photo Printer


The unique feature of this Canon MG6150 Inkjet Printer is its browsing system which is quite similar to the likes of the Samsung SCX-4500W laser printer, an array of touch buttons that are built into the hood and now you have a smaller screen (7.5 cm). Depending upon the use, you have chosen like the Copier, Scanner, you will find that only the control buttons being used for this function illuminate. For fewer models like copy, though, the screen is quite loaded with info. Though it is not the most intuitive of methods, it does give you a pretty honed down and good-looking aspect to the device. The glossy black does add a bit of class to the overall look of the printer. But make sure you have a rag with you to wipe off finger marks and dirt that may obviously get picked up. You could only speculate why Canon did not go all along the touch route. We guess why Cannon would not have provided this printer a large touch screen? When you originally start in on, you automatically try to pick options on-screen instead of looking out to the backlit control buttons on the hood. Like the Canon MP990 printer, the Canon PIXMA MG6150 Multifunction Inkjet Printer lets you to print on DVD/Blu-ray and CD. Do remember that this feature is not found in some countries.

As an addition to their latest ‘Intelligent touch system’, several other types of software are believed to offer added value, especially those which makes use of the ‘Premium’ cartridges (the Canon can make cartridges than compatible ones from other manufacturers). Take for instance, the Full HD Movie function that helps you to print photos from digital video. You have to install the software provided by Canon so as to do this. Customers who buy genuine Canon inks for their Canon MG6150 can get access to a special area of the Creative Park website – ‘Creative Park Premium’. Here you receive access to the premium artistic content like professional photography and illustrations which under normal circumstances will be right protected. You can depend on the Creative Park tool that will give you illustrations to make your calendars, gift cards and scrapbooks. This seems to be of very less interest to us. We are not quite convinced either by looks, pertinence and modernity of the printer models.

Neat & Tidy:

You will have no trouble pushing the device right against the wall as both the USB port and power cable are recessed inside the smart, compact printer body. This can help save some precious space, keeping everything nice and tidy.

Fast speeds:

When you compare the speeds on the Pixma MP990, the print speeds of the Canon PIXMA MG6150 printer are among the maximum measured for an all-in-one printer model. A notch up on the fabulous MP640, they beat some of the other models tested like the Brother MFC-795CW which gives an average of 4 ppm. The quality of photos is actually very good. The images are more neutral than the Canon MP640. It gets 5-star rating for it. Coming to black and white, the combo of the exclusive photo black and grey cartridge makes a world of difference and offers good contrast too.

Scanner & copier:

We found the technical specifications are almost identical like the MP990 with the exception of the scanner which is a CIS type as opposed to CCD, an indication of a more cost-effective scanner. The MG6150 Inkjet Photo Printer lacks the slide scanning module that one may get with the pro printer models. The scanner cracks all the speed records with just 4 seconds for a 75 ppp scan, 6 seconds for preview and 6 sec for 300 ppp. The scanner native resolution (which is 4800 ppp) offers superior scanning and despite the actual colour difference of 5.7%, we found the results quite compelling. The colours are pretty accurate, notwithstanding the slight lightening of light tones; however the detail is nicely rendered with no particular accentuation. Said this, you can note still a little smoothing of traits meaning a slight loss of detail. All said and done, this is something that nearly all the models really suffer from.  Coming to the copies, the printer can take approximately 14 sec for black & white and about 18 sec for colour.
Noise & Energy consumption levels:

The MG6150 All-in-One printer can quickly go into the standby mode. In this mode, it consumes17.5 W when it is printing and the noise level can go up to 45 dB. Therefore, for the most part, it is a relatively low energy and quiet motor.

Cost per page:

The average price is estimated on a basis of 120 photo prints of 8.6 pence per page and this is more than the 7.6 pence on its predecessors MP640 & MX870 and analogous to the 8.66 pence on the Canon MP990.

Special Features:

So far we have seen the hardware aspects, performance, energy consumption levels, cost (per page) and noise levels of the MG6150 in detail, now let us have a closer look at some of the unique features of the printer one by one starting with the Intelligent Touch System.

Intelligent Touch System:

We have already seen a bit of this feature earlier in the review, the Intelligent Touch System gives you superb photolab quality printing. A separate grey ink that produces excellent greyscale and colour prints in conjunction with its stunning design and unique functionality make this a premium photo printer for your office and home needs. The MG6150 is ready to use right out of the box and you will always get the best possible results, be it printing, scanning or copying.

Light-guided touch panel for intuitive operation:

The unique Intelligent Touch System makes operation very simple. All controls are built into the lid of the printer, giving a much larger operational panel and leaving the 7.5cm TFT display free for viewing. You can operate the controls by touching rather than pressing down and this touch operation gives you a fast response to your inputs. The clever bit though is the intuitive light guided operation. Supposing, you select the photo print function, you can find that only the controls relating to that function will light up and all other buttons remain barely visible in the glossy back lid.  At each successive step, only the controls that will assist your photo printing will light up, helping you through the process to print easily and quickly.

Canon PIXMA MG6150 Multifunction Printer

6 Single Ink System:

The PIXMA MG6150 printer can deliver a maximum print resolution of 9600 x 2400dpi. Thanks to the tiny 1pl ink droplets from Canon’s FINE print engine that helps create grain free, smooth images. Canon’s 6 Single Ink System (namely PGI-525PGBK, CLI-526C, CLI-526BK, CLI-526Y, CLI-526M, CLI-526GY) has two blacks, one that could print clear laser sharp text, the other for images to provide strong saturated blacks and there is a unique grey for superb monochrome printing. The document speeds are pretty useful at 9.3 IPM (Images Per Minute) in colour or 12.5 IPM in black & white. You can get a borderless 10x15cm photo-lab high quality print delivered in about 20 seconds. The printer comes with two-way paper feeding that allows you to load different types of paper, all at the same time for printing your documents or photos easily. You will have no trouble of even printing directly onto the CD to help personalise your music or archive data for example. Furthermore, using the PictBridge connection, you can easily print your favourite moments without a PC straight from a device or USB flash memory for easy and fast photos. With the help of the 6 separate ink tanks, you can replace an ink cartridge when it runs out, thereby optimising ink usage by reducing waste. In combination with Duplex Printing, this feature will help you print on both sides of paper. This means you can save some money, reduce paper utilization and help our environment in the process, all these without compromising on the print quality.

Full HD Movie Print:

Printing a photo with the Canon Full HD Movie Print could not be easier. This feature is useful for producing individual photos of superior quality from your favourite HD home movie moments. You simply have to select a frame from your movie with the intuitive Easy-PhotoPrint software and print. As you go about doing this, the frame enhancement technology would automatically analyse the frame either side, blending the best from each to make sure that both the resolution and lightning are as good as they could be in your final photograph.

Built in wireless connection:

The PIXMA MG6150 is built with a fast 150 Mbps built-in wireless connection and this means multiple people can print to it, wherever they are at home, whenever they want without any hassle, even if it is stored out of notice. The photos and documents can be printed directly from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad just by downloading the Canon EasyPhoto Print App from the AppStore that links directly to the printer via Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you have a PS3, you can also view and print photos from your widescreen television. Now if you have an Android device, you can even remotely print images via           Wi-Fi. With the help of Ethernet connection, you can easily connect the printer via Wi-Fi to a home or office network for the PIXMA quality to be shared by everyone.

Available software:

Automatic correction:
The Auto Photo Fix II can automatically analyse and correct the images at the printer, eliminating any red-eye and making some adjustments to make up for the photographer, camera or lightning limitations, based on the Canon’s leading camera technology. The lightning conditions will be automatically recognised when you take the photo and will brighten faces (as an example) that are underexposed and backlit to ensure more precise skin tones or do away with any colour to produce true, clear colour photos. And the result, you get perfect prints without the assistance of a computer.

Automatic enhancement:
If you think intelligent auto-correction stops with your photos, well it actually doesn’t. Your printer can improve text, graphics and images in scanned documents and make them clearer, impactful and more vivid.

Easy-PhotoPrint EX:
Easy-PhotoPrint EX is exclusive to Canon and is the easiest and fastest way to re-touch all your digital photos and print them in your choice of size and layouts either from Adobe Photoshop with the Easy-PhotoPrint EX plug-in provided or within the software. There is a Correct and Enhance button that does advanced photo correction and enhancement with the simple interface. Some of the available lab-quality re-touching features include red eye correction, face brightener, smooth facial lines & skin tone, blemish remover and face sharpener. With the intuitive on-screen display, you can choose to print your selection in whatever format you want from calendars to normal photos. The software also comes with a direct link to Flickr, using which you can make a search and download images that are publicly available to supplement your own. You can also access the Full movie print function through the Easy-PhotoPrint that helps you capture your home movie moments of your choice on photo-lab quality stills.

Easy-WebPrint software:
The Easy-WebPrint software gives you a wide range of options that help you with the information you want to print from the web, thereby avoiding wastage of paper. These comprise Auto Clipping that can print only a particular area of a web page you need and not all advertisements you don’t. Another feature ‘Clip from Multiple pages’ lets you gather, combine and edit content from multiple pages from the web before you print them. You can also collate this information to develop easy to print multiple page booklets or minimise the size of the whole web page to make it fit onto a single piece of paper.

Solutions Menu EX:
Solutions Menu EX is a useful software which gives you easy access to some of the advanced features of the printer. You may find the functions in each category presented in simple, recognisable pictorial icons and you can also tailor your desktop in order to quickly access the functions when you want.

Canon ChromaLife100+ system:
The Canon PIXMA MG6150 comes with another interesting software namely the Canon ChromaLife100+ system which helps you keep your precious photos vibrant and bright. The Canon Chromalife 100+ inks and the FINE print head technology combine with selected Canon photo papers to help you produce lovely photos that will last even up to 300 years when you store them in an archival-quality photo album. For an exceptional print resolution, you can rely on its Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) that makes use of a patented print head having high precision nozzles that can eject ink droplets as little as 1 picolitre in size, as smaller the ink droplet gets, the better will be the quality of the image.

What’s inside the box:

PIXMA MG6150 All-In-One, Power cord, Multilingual set up guides, Ink tanks (PGI-525PGBK, CLI-526C, CLI-526BK, CLI-526Y, CLI-526M, CLI-526GY), User’s manual CD, Set up software  & Warranty sheet.

Manufacturer Warranty:

The product is covered under a manufacturer warranty of 1 year which commences on the date of purchase of the product.


Canon’s all-in-ones have ruled the roost in recent years, but they have been in need of an upgrade. While we would rather prefer to see the much awaited result in a proper touch interface, the Canon’s semi-touch solution is definitely an improvement and the overall design tweaks have lent the MG6150 true consumer appeal. Said that, it is deprived of Linux drivers and lacks fax support. The MG6150 will suit those who do not mind shelling out a touch extra per print in return for greater quality. The printer seems to be fast in all modes, is double-sided and there is the Wi-Fi of course. However, we love the brand’s intelligent touch system less than we would a real touch screen.


Retail prices have started arriving and as anticipated, they are a good deal and the consensus seems to be around the £150 mark, making the price of MG6150 the same as that of MP640 and it supersedes.

Canon PIXMA MG6150 Inkjet Printer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Canon
Model Name Canon PIXMA MG6150 Inkjet Photo Printer
Model Number MG6150
Printer Type Ink-jet (colour)
Multifunction Yes (printer/scanner/copier-colour )
Ink type Pigment-based black, Dye-based black & colour,
Inkjet Technology Canon FINE (Full-lithography inkjet Nozzle
Engineering, 6-ink
Max. Printing Speed Up to 12.5 IPM (mono)
Up to 9.3 IPM (colour)
Max. Printing Resolution 9600 x 2400 dpi (colour)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 47 cm x 36.8 cm x 17.3 cm
Weight 9.2 kg
Ink drop size 1 picolitres
Number of base colours 4
Number of cartridges 6
WiFi Yes
Fax No
Integrated TFT screen Yes
Display 3″
Size (Max.) Letter A (216 x 279 mm), A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Media Type Envelopes, photo paper, plain paper, printable CD/DVD disc
Media Support ANSI A (Letter) (216 x 279 mm), A5 (148 x 210 mm),
Legal (216 x 356 mm), B5 (176 x 250 mm), 130 x 180 mm,
100 x 150 mm, A4 Super (228.6 x 381 mm), 200 x 250 mm
Standard Media Capacity 300 sheets
Document & Media Handling Details Paper cassette – 150 sheets, Input tray – 150 sheets
Borderless Photo Sizes A4 (210 x 297 mm), 100 x 150 mm, 130 x 180 mm,
200 x 250 mm, ANSI A (Letter) (216 x 279 mm)
PC Connection Availability Yes
Automatic Duplexing Yes (printing)
PC Connection Ethernet 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX, Hi-Speed USB,
IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11n, IrDA, USB host
Direct Printing Specifications Canon Direct Print, PictBridge
Min Copy & Max Copy Weight 64 g/m2 & 300 g/m2
Security Protocols & Features WEP, WPA2, WPA
Compatible OS Apple Mac OS X, 10.4.11 – 10.6.x, MS Windows XP,
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Vista
Printing Software Drivers & Utilities, Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX,
Canon Easy-WebPrint EX, Auto Photo Fix II,
Canon MP Navigator EX, Canon Solution Menu EX
Linux drivers No
Supported Flash Memory Cards Memory Stick, Compact Flash, MultiMediaCard,
SD Memory Card, Memory Stick Duo,
Memory Stick PRO, IBM Microdrive,
MultiMediaCardplus, USB flash drive,
SDHC Memory Card, Memory Stick PRO Duo
Power Consumption Operational: 24 Watt, Standby: 2 Watt,  Sleep: 0.5 Watt
Power Supply AC 110/230 V ( 50/60Hz )
Noise Level 46.5 dB
Operating Temperature Min: 5 °C , Max: 35 °C
Scanning features 2 on 1, Frame Erase Copy, BorderFree, 4 on 1
Copying features Digital (Type), CIS (Scan element) ,
4800 x 4800 dpi (Optical Resolution),
24 bit (Colour Depth), 48 bit (Colour Depth – Internal)
Office Machine Features Print from memory card, print from USB flash drive,
save to memory card, save to USB flash drive
Highlight features Intelligent Touch System plus light-guided operation
Full HD Movie Print
ISO ESAT speed 12.5/9.3 ipm mono/col
Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Direct Disc print, Auto Duplex,
4800dpi scanner
Fade Resistance Up to 300 years in album
Warranty 1 year