The Fuji FinePix QS-7 Compact Photo Printer is an entry level photo printer from the house of Fuji, an award winning brand that bagged the DIMA 2009 Innovative Digital Product Award in 2009 from DIMA (Digital Imaging Marketing Association). Established in 1934, Fujifilm’s consumer suite of products including Cameras, 3D products, Digital accessories, Memory cards and Printers are synonymous with world class performance and quality. Let us see in this review if the QS-7 photo printer from Fuji stays up to the expectations of consumers.

Model Description:

The Fuji FinePix QS-7 Photo Printer is a very small, compact printer and is manufactured in an eye-catching silver colour. We found the size just over A5 format and the printer is durable too. The printer comes with both ink and photo paper with a host of several useful features. It is relatively easy to set up and easy to use. Weighing approx. 1 kg (excluding ink cartridge/paper tray), it measures 182.3 (W) mm x 147.3 (D) mm x 67.8 (H) mm in size.

Fuji FinePix QS-7 Compact Photo Printer

Infrared communication:

This Fujifilm QS-7 Inkjet Photo Printer makes getting those photos out of the printer a doddle. The built-in IrSimple offers you a simple and direct wireless transfer from your camera to the printer, to the web or other IrSimple-compatible devices. Just for information sake, the IrSimple has also been available with the Canon SELPHY CP770, Canon iP90, Canon ES1 and this is not as rare as we think. So how do you go about using it? Simply choose the required image in any FinePix camera that is built with IrSimple™ high-speed infrared communications, just point it at the printer and then press to send the image. It is as straight forward as operating a remote controller with the entire process consuming as little as 0.3s seconds. The photo printer has the data and could enhance the image for superb quality prints. Perhaps the best part of it is that there are no messy, troublesome cables and all you have to do is simply point and print. The printer is comparatively quiet in operation, and you have your picture ready in and about 70 seconds. It does not matter anyway even if you do not have an infrared function as you can plug a camera into it.

Printing System:

This Fuji FinePix QS-7 photo printer is a dye-sublimation photo printer (also termed ‘sublimation printer’) with over coating, built around a thermal dye engine to produce stunning results. This printer can produce colour printouts in formats from 4 cm x 6 cm to 10 cm x 18 cm (pre-cut), 10 cm x 15 cm (post-cut) and uses dye-sublimation technology to produce quality, detailed, crisp results that are as true to life as possible. This makes printing digital photos at home just as effortless as going for a professional photo developing service. We found that the printer is perfectly fine for casual snaps. The Fuji FinePix QS-7 gives you a maximum print speed (from start of paper feed to finish) of approx. 70 sec. per 4 x 6 inch/10 x 15cm print size. The maximum number of printing pixels is 300 x 300 dpi/CMY with 256 gradations/colours.

Image improvement & editing features:

You will have no trouble connecting the printer to your PC through USB and in conjunction with the software provided. The printer features superb image improvement and editing features that will help you get the best of your creations. This feature will allow you to edit the images with personal captions and dates. The software also helps you see image intelligence in action by using a before and after shot. This photo printer can receive images from Bluetooth and is also compatible with OPP profile-supported Bluretooth USB adapter. Note that the Bluetooth USB adapter is a non Fujifilm product and is sold separately. This printer cannot receive images from Wi-Fi and this is a big let down.

Image Intelligence for Automatic Edit:

The Fujifilm’s ‘Image Intelligence’ digital processing technology inside the printer will make your prints crisper and better and is included to correct exposure and brightness. This feature will automatically detect faces in the image data and optimize coverage for more strikingly beautiful prints of the people in the image. Another highlight feature is that it can apply Backlight correction to create brighter, natural smiles. In the case of an orange cast from indoor lightning, Tungsten correction can suitably adjust itself to make a beautiful print, sealed with an overcoat finish to keep the colours as fresh and vivid as the day the photos were printed. Therefore, you can see the difference with Image Intelligence for it could automatically detect and enhance faces for great portraits.

Signal transfer methods:

The FinePix QS-7 printer also has a PictBridge-compatible USB port that should work absolutely fine with your camera and allows you to print directly from any digital camera that would support the PictBridge.

Manufacturer Warranty:

The Fujifilm FinePix QS-7 Compact Photo Printer is covered under a standard UK warranty of 12 months from the original date of purchase. But remember to retain your original receipt as you will have to present this in the case of a claim.


The Fuji FinePix QS-7 Photo Printer is the cheapest on test, but disappointingly, it has no memory card slots and screens, therefore one has to depend on a PC or a PictBridge-enabled camera to control it through USB. However, if you own a Fuji Finepix camera, you can easily print over infrared link. If you are picky about the quality of the print, then it should be said that the prints are a bit fuzzy, with dull colours compared to its competition. They are also slow to emerge and are pretty costly at 30p per shot. However, you can purchase refills of ink and paper from Fuji for a great price and installing it will take only a few seconds. As parting words, it should only be said that the Fuji’s price tag is pulling back our better appreciation for this compact photo printer, however it is worth paying more to get a much better photo!

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Fuji FinePix QS-7  Photo Printer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Fuji
Model Name Fuji FinePix QS-7 Compact Photo Printer
Printing Technology Dye-sublimation thermal transfer (including overcoating)
Colour/Finish Silver
Max. Number of Printing Pixels 300 x 300 dpi/CMY with 256 gradations/colour
Dimensions 182.3 (W) mm x 147.3 (D) mm x 67.8 (H) mm
Print Size 4 x 6″/10 x 15cm size
10 cm x 18 cm (pre-cut), 10cm x 15 cm (post-cut)
Print Speed less than 70 sec (for Size :4 x 6”/10 x 15cm)
Memory card slots No
Screen No
User Interface
Signal transfer method PictBridge-compatible USB port
Infrared communication IrSS™1 (high-speed infrared), IrDA /
IrSimple™ (speed: 0.3s sec.)
Automatic Edit Image Intelligence
Power Source/Consumption AC, Printing: Maximum of 60W or less
Standby: under 0.5W
Highlight features Backlight correction for brighter, natural smiles
Tungsten correction
No messy, troublesome cables
Quality Image improvement & editing features
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year