Epson had determined to utilise the chance for reconsideration of the design in making Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW Printer, although producing an inkjet photo printer in to an all in one would be a pretty unremarkable adjustment to the model. The new model includes utilitarian business characteristics much like Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and tray for CD/DVD, even though it was mainly proposed for fancier market for six ink photo.

Testing all in one devices is a very long and repetitious procedure, so that enjoying doing it occurs very rarely. But Epson Stylus PX800FW printer is not one of your average all in one printers. And it can also be undoubtedly said that Epson is a user friendly printer and you will enjoy using it.


Long and Wide Touch Panel:
Epson stylus photo PX800FW is an all in one device with a posture from its low visibility, and a black external part for its long, broad touch panel, which has a flexible joint outside for control. The soft inclination of the outer black cover in plastic ascents and descents as you may open the ADF in a nifty and in a slender streaky manner.

Physical Buttons Admits Fattest Fingers:
Epson Stylus PX800FW Wireless Printer has an intelligent control panel. The buttons rendered to the right and left of the device are big enough to admit the fattiest fingers and retains the virtually common controls like yes, no, left, right, select, cancel, off the main screen region and allows the screen area to hold less often used keys.

Capable of Loading 30 sheets of 64 gm:
Once you open it you will be capable of loading documents of approximately 30 sheets for scanning. Epson estimates the weight of the paper to be 64 gm, which is very thinner than the usual papers used in offices of UK. The lid of the flatbed is smartly dented into the device’s upper surface to cut down its total height, and also makes it very easy to reach it.

Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW Printer

89mm LCD Display in the Centre of the Device:
To exhibit at a diversity of angles the broad and long control panel ratchets up and down. At the centre of the device, a 89mm LCD display is sited and it is circled by the pre-specified touch button and are lighted in orange colour as needed. The two, power and the CD tray, are the only physical buttons available on the device. The Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW inkjet printer holds a thin grey tray that slithers out when the CD tray button is pressed, instead of bearing a separate holder for CDs which is positioned and slides in the front part of the printer.

Memory Card Reader and PictBridge Socket:
Unusually for Epson Photo printer, the paper tray slithers outside from the fore-part is located beneath the control panel, and intakes approximately 120 sheets of extremely thin paper and also roughly 20 sheets of glistening photo paper in a different tray which is structured on the top. A two slotted memory card reader and a PictBridge socket are placed on the right side of the paper tray.

USB and Ethernet Connections:
On the rear of the device the sockets for USB connection and Ethernet connection are provided, along with connections for phone line and handset. The functionality of fax is in built as a standard connection.


Backup of the Contents of Memory Card:
Epson Stylus comprises of almost all types of surplus features, beside the common set up options, you are also provided with the capability to backup the subjects of the memory card inserted such as SD, MS, CF and xD picture formats, right away onto an external media storage slotted into the USB socket on the front. Quick buttons are also provided for printing grid patterns and lined onto a plain paper for specialised use. And this sounds more fun as it is providing an option to change any scanned image into an introductory sketch colouring book style image and makes it ready to scrabble by kids.

Perplexed Wired Connection:
Even though Wi-Fi connection is supplied, the routine for set up, which comprises of a wired connection to the router, is more perplexed than it ought to be. There is no answer for the question why a wireless is modified as all in one, with an excellent control panel, which ought to be capable of discovering wireless networks and even log on its own to whatever you choose. The printers from other manufacturers too can perform this.

Direct CD/DVD Printing:
The standard parcel of Epson software also admits utilities for CD/DVD printing and also printing from the web. A copy of Abbyy Finereader Sprint for OCR is also included along with it.

Marvellously Versatile Machine:
The All in One Device is marvellously versatile and with its connections provided like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, fax and ADF, it almost checks all the feature boxes available.


Printing Speed Measured With Processing Time:
In the specification sheet of Epson it was adverted that its printing speeds are measured in draft mode and also without bringing into count the processing time. But some other tests performed on the device by experts are done in normal mode and are done by counting the processing time also as you should know them when you print. The expert tests prove that the device has a maximum black text print speed of 7.74 ppm when it prints a 20 page document, which is al-right but is not surpassing. It also holds a colour print speed of nearly 6.12 ppm, which is very quick and fairly impressive speed for the device.

Impressive Photo Developing Speed:
Nevertheless the most occupying functioning of all is the speed at which the device can develop a 15 x 10 cm photo print. It produces an exceedingly satisfactory photo in 21 seconds, just by punching in SD card in the front of the device. Out and away this is the quickest photo printer that we have seen from an all in one device this year.

High Levels of details Instead of Rubbish Print:
You will be astonished with the contrast produced of high levels of details, firm and also natural colours and you cannot notice any blemishes, instead of trash print. Though the standard photos produces from the PC contains fairly dark shadows, the some other photos in the tests are likewise very excellent.

Colours on the Plain Paper Are Effective:
Although Epson had never lived to be a monarch of the smooth and jet black text page, the print on plain paper is average. You will notice little unevenness in the characters and the text looks dark grey instead of ink jet black, which may be because of the utilisation of dye based black ink as a component of the Claria set. Even though you may detect muddy bands in the regions of solid colours grounded on yellow, mostly the colours on plain paper are effective. The issue of cartridges in place for the printer, may have stimulated some little black on yellow taint.

Epson Printer Comprises of Six Ink Colours:
Light Cyan, light magenta appended to the pattern of CMYK four comprises the total six colour inks in the device. Even though the machine is capable of running high capability T0791-6 set which is also more inexpensive, for some rationality, Epson commends a lower capability set of six inks, T0801-6 type. These are inks used to estimate the running prices.

Cost Per Print:
An ISO black page may cost you around 2.5p, which can be said as an excellent middle range cost for an inkjet. But an ISO colour page works out at around 10.2 p, which is said as rather a chip higher than from that of normal four coloured inkjets. It is averaged out at 7.5p, with entire costs also admitting the paper cost of 0.7p.

Excellent Results in the Tests:
On the top, the good about the printer is that it produces all excellent results in the tests conducted over it, which made it really occupying. In the speed tests carried over it, it was like a flyer, rolling out the mono document at 9ppm of normal quality and a colour document in 8ppm with a shade under it.

Snappy Photos Printed By the Machine:
Copies taken by the printer are very snappy and take just 45 seconds to produce five mono copies and 55 seconds for colour copies. It is even admirable by proving to be best over Canon Pixma MP630 in the photo tests, producing a 6 x 4 inch print in just 72 seconds, and A4 collage in just around two minutes.


The Epson Stylus PX800FW is provided with one year manufacturer’s warranty.


Epson Stylus Photo Printer has had a first class piece of design work by the manufacturer, producing a voguish and efficacious all in one photo printer, with the surplus deftness like dual paper feed, CD/DVD printing and for providing control a comfortable touch panel. Even though there are one or more hang ups like high noise the device makes, nothing can drag it far from reaching the “Recommended” statement by us. Even though the print quality is not excellent, for the features it is providing and the print speed and print costs it is rendering, and the price at which it is available made it the most appealing device.

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Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Seagate
Model Name Epson Stylus PX800FW
Print Engine type Colour Inkjet
Dimensions (W x D x H)(trays closed) 446 x 385 x 198 mm
Weight (kg) 11.1
Maximum page size A4
Capacity of sheet feed 120 x 64gsm + 20 sheets of premium glossy photo
Maximum weight of the paper(gm) 255
Resolution of print head(dpi) 5760
Carriage Resolution (dpi) 1440
Scan Resolution (ppm) 4800 x 4800
ADF sheets capacity 30 x 64 gsm
Rated black speed in ppm 40 draft
Rated colour speed in ppm 40 draft
Scanning Technology A4 Flatbed colour image scanner
Sensor Type CSI
Ink System Epson Claria™ Photographic Ink
Number of ink colours 6
Connection Type USB 2, Ethernet, 802.11g, Wi-Fi
Print Without PC Yes
Photo card Readers CompactFlash, Microdrive, Secure Digital,
Memory Stick, xD
Power Consumption 26 W
Software included Epson Event Manager, Epson Web-To-Page,
Epson Easy Photo Print, Epson Print CD,
Epson Net EasyInstall,
ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Sprint Plus (PC),
ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Sprint Plus (Mac)
Extra Features Wireless connection, large colour LCD,
touch controls, built in CD/DVD print, fax
Warranty 1 year
Optional warranty 3 years